Spring is almost upon us! After a chilly winter, it’s exciting to think about getting outside and preparing your lawn and garden for spring and summer. Though there are many things you can do to beautify your property this spring, here are the three most important things that we recommend our clients cross off their to-do lists as the spring brings warmer weather.

Prep, prune, and clean up the yard. Winter can do serious damage to trees, bushes, flowers, and lawns. Now is the time to walk your yard and pick up fallen sticks and branches, as well as get rid of any hangabout leaves from last fall, pick up trash, and identify which plants to prune. Ornamental grasses, green and flowering bushes, and roses should all be pruned back during the spring. Don’t get too ambitious with the pruning equipment though! Avoid cutting back fall-blooming plants such as azaleas and forsythias until after they’ve bloomed so as not to damage them.

Weeding can also be included in this prep and cleanup phase. Weeds can still grow over winter, and once the warmer weather kicks in, you’ll begin to notice a lot more weeds with each passing day. Once your yard is cleaned, pruned, and prepped, you can move onto a few other integral tasks for spring.

Mulch. After your yard is cleaned up, it’s a great time to mulch. There are many benefits to laying mulch including suppressing weeds and preventing soil erosion. Additionally, mulch can make your flowers and trees pop. Mulch comes in many different colors, textures, and forms. For example, you can encircle your trees with pine needles for a simple, clean look, or you can lay black deco mulch in your flower beds for eye-catching style and to keep your soil in place and weeds at bay. A professional landscaper can make sure you choose the right mulch, help you calculate exactly how much you’ll need for optimal results, and lay it in the most stylish and efficient way.

Service or install an irrigation system. If you haven’t already installed an irrigation system, now is the perfect time to do so. There are many benefits to installing an irrigation system, like saving time, water, and money, but it’s important to select the right system or systems for your property. Sprinklers can cover a wide area, and drip irrigation systems can deliver water in a more targeted manner, saving water and minimizing runoff and evaporation.

If you already have an irrigation system, wonderful! Just don’t forget to have it professionally serviced so you can ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, as well as keeping your yard as beautiful as possible. With the right system for your property set up in the best way, you can save hundreds of dollars in water costs while beautifying and hydrating your lawn and garden beds.

What other important things do you do in the spring to prepare your yard for the warmer months ahead? Call us to get these three items checked off your to-do list, and let us know what else we can help you with!

The 3 Most Important Things to Do for Your Lawn in Spring

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