Imagine your ideal backyard. What do you picture? A lush green lawn? A lovely patio or porch? What else?

If you’re not envisioning a fireplace, you may want to think again! An outdoor fireplace can be the surprise feature that your outdoor space is missing; an element that will allow you to take full advantage of your space while beautifying your property and increasing value.

Not convinced? Read on to find out some of the many benefits that including an outdoor fireplace into your backyard, patio, or other outdoor space can bring to you and your loved ones.


  • Maximize your outdoor space all year round. In most climate zones, spring evenings tend to be cool, and even into summer, a nighttime chill can send you, your family, and your guests shivering into the house. Otherwise beautiful, starry nights that would warrant you being outside are lost to dropping temperatures and chilly breezes. With an outdoor fireplace, you can control the warmth of your patio/outdoor space, and maximize your out-of-doors time, even into the fall and chillier winter months. With a strategically placed fireplace, your guests won’t have to relocate inside, and your family–including kids of all ages–can comfortably play outside. Added bonus — fireplaces help keep bugs away!


    1. No grill? No problem. Whether or not you have a grill, there is something special about being able to cook over an open flame. Want to make s’mores for your child’s birthday party? Easy as pie! Craving a roasted kabob? A fireplace has you covered! Take grilling to a whole new level with your outdoor fireplace.  If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you can even use the coals to create foil-packet meals. Wrap up a chicken breast, potatoes, and carrots in a foil pack, and roast on the coals until thoroughly cooked. You can’t ask for better flavor!


  • Give your patio a focal point. Inside your living room, what is your furniture pointed at? For many people it’s a t.v. For others, it’s the fireplace. For the extra lucky, it could be both! Imagine an outdoor space with a beautiful focal point, not just scattered tables and chairs. Consider integrating beautiful stonework into your fireplace feature. Recessed lighting around the fireplace can help attract the eye towards the focal point, and create a subtle psychological “pull” towards the feature everyone one will automatically be drawn to. You can also integrate decorations, water features, or plant elements into the scape to enhance the beauty of the fireplace feature, and create a seamless transition from inside to outside.
  • Value. With all these other benefits, it is no secret that an outdoor fireplace will automatically increase the value of your home and property. Gas fireplaces are very trendy, and even wood-burning fireplaces have their own rustic appeal, along with that well-known, delicious smell. Beautiful stonework may be an investment up front, but it will more than pay for itself when your home is appraised. Imagine potential home buyers walking through your house, and finally ending up in your backyard. A fireplace is icing on the cake–a lovely home and an amazing outdoor entertainment space? Sold!


What other benefits can you think of for having an outdoor fireplace? We can think of so many more, and would love to talk about them with you.

Call Heffner Landscaping to get started designing your dream outdoor fireplace, and let us consult with you on the best way to achieve your perfect outdoor living space! Contact us today!


Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

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