In the warm months, it can be very rewarding to get outside and do some meaningful yard work. We want you to get the most out of your time, so we’d like to warn you about a few common summer mistakes we find people making when it comes to their landscaping. Maximize your time and accomplish your best yard in the most efficient way by avoiding these common summer pitfalls.

  1. Forgetting to plan out your space. Planting grass seeds or laying sod, putting in a garden, and growing bushes and trees are all great ideas to beautify your outdoor spaces. Unfortunately too many people try to haphazardly and sporadically accomplish tasks independently of each other instead of following a landscaping master plan. Unplanned outdoor spaces can look very cluttered for a season and then bare the next. Without planning, you can’t reap the best benefits of your yard, and you may lose sight of the trees and the forest! A well developed outdoor plan can tie your yard together, as well as maximize your space for an aesthetically pleasing yard, a vibrant garden, and thriving bushes and trees.
  2. Not allowing for growth–up and out. Although it seems like a given, many people seem to forget that plants grow! When you plant a small bush under a first-floor window, remember that it will grow up, and may block your view. If you plant a tree under a powerline or too close to your house, you could run into trouble later as the tree grows up and as the roots expand underground. Many a costly tree removal or sidewalk repair could be avoided by remembering to plan for growth while planting flowers, bushes, and trees.
  3. Not irrigating correctly. Summer is hot, and you most likely will need to irrigate your grass and gardens. Irrigation can be tricky though, because you want to provide the right amount of water at the right times for your foliage to thrive. If you water during times of peak sunshine, you stand to lose a lot of water through evaporation. If you oversaturate your yard, you can cause erosion and runoff, and possibly lose growth. Setting up irrigation systems can be confusing, but with the right equipment, including sensors and timers, you can save money and have a gorgeous, well-irrigated lawn. If you need some tips on types of irrigation, check out this great blog.
  4. Forgetting to plan ahead for the cooler months. Spring and summer are glorious times for blooming flowers and green grass, but you can still have beautiful buds into autumn and winter. When you’re planning your garden, don’t just plan for today; plan for the future. It’s not too much to ask to have fall-blooming flowers, and depending on your location, you can even expect to see berries and blooms into winter time. Phlox, winter jasmine, and snowdrops are all beautiful winter-blooming flowers. Along with berry bushes and evergreen trees, the whole of your outdoor spaces can be colorful and vibrant, even as the temperatures drop.
  5. Not hiring the pros to do the important stuff. We’ve all seen the Pinterest fails, and when it comes to landscaping, without proper training and equipment, well, we’d hate to see you fail. From planning a year-round garden to installing water fixtures, doing it yourself is not always the best option. If you want professional results, definitely call in the professionals.

How can we help you avoid that Pinterest fail? Show or tell us what you’d like to accomplish, and we’re happy to make your dreams into realities.

Biggest Summer Mistakes in Landscaping

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