So, we usually try to keep contact with you more frequently than we have, but we received a number of very good leads from the expo a couple weeks back and we’ve been piled up with that. So, with that and the process of meetings and sitting down to present proposals, along with getting our Spring Lawn and Ornamental Treatments distributed, we’re just now getting back to the keyboard.

Anyway, along with the topics listed above, we have been able to secure some education and hopefully our certification (expected in the next two weeks) in Stormwater BMP’s, or for those with little knowledge in this emerging field, Best Management Practices. This specifically refers to stormwater management and its regulations, processes and mechanisms. There are many different types that can be integrated into your landscape such as rain gardens. Ask us how we can help integrate them into your landscape!

Also, tell all you know who manage or own a commercial OR residential property that are or will be in need of annual Stormwater BMP inspections to call HEFFNER!!!

Catching Up…

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