Whether you’re about to graduate and are at the beginning of your career, or you’re bored with your office or factory job and are ready to make a drastic change, landscaping is an exciting career path that has many benefits.

Consider these seven reasons why you should make the decision to go into the rewarding and sustainable field of landscaping:

    1. Escape to the outdoors. If you’ve ever been stuck inside classrooms or office buildings all day, you surely can relate to the feeling of wistfully gazing out the window, and enviously wishing you could be spending more of your time outdoors. When you work in landscaping, you get to spend almost every day in nature, basking in the sun, and working on your (farmer’s) tan. A rewarding landscaping career puts you in touch with nature, and keeps you from feeling cooped up all day in a stuffy office.
  • You get to move around. If you don’t like being inside for too long, it’s probably safe to say you get stir crazy when you have to sit still for long periods of time. Imagine being able to spend your workdays moving around. When it comes to landscaping, you’re almost never stuck in one spot. Pushing a mower around is great exercise, as is clearing away brush and planting flower beds. Even riding mowers and operating larger equipment keep you moving around! If the sedentary lifestyle is not for you, get moving with a job that keeps you on your toes.
  • Every day is different. If you’re anything like us, you would go crazy if you were stuck doing the same repetitive tasks every day. In landscaping, you get to spend almost every day doing something different. One day may be focused on installing an irrigation system. The next day you might plant a flower bed in the morning and lay sod in the afternoon. When you’re the kind of person who appreciates variety as the spice of life, landscaping offers something different almost every day, and keeps you from getting bored.
  • Get the best of the worlds of art and science. Landscaping is a wonderful balance of science and art. Do you appreciate making things grow, but also enjoy exercising your creativity? There are so many ways to improve your botany, chemistry, and arborist skills through on the job training, while also getting to take part in artistic, creative endeavors, like designing water installations, recommending what plants and flowers would complement one another in a garden bed, or choosing the right stones for a garden pathway. If you’re not naturally creative or scientifically-minded, that’s okay, too! You’ll quickly pick up on these skills, and develop your capacity for both science and art as you work with more experienced landscapers, arborists, botanists, and designers.
  • Learn something new all the time. Speaking of working with the experts, a career in landscaping means you’re always learning something new. You can’t be stagnant in your field when there are new technologies, trends, and ideas circulating all around you every day. If there’s something you don’t know how to do, you’ll have the benefit of being able to learn how from more experienced colleagues, and the on-the-job training you’ll receive with a reputable landscaping firm is second to none.
  • Balance social time with “me” time. Whether you’re a social butterfly or a wallflower, landscaping offers you the chance to put your people skills to good use, while also affording you time to yourself. Landscapers get to meet people all the time and learn to talk with a variety of different people, whether it be suppliers at the nursery, the family that just moved in up the road and wants to know what local species of flowers would thrive best in their garden, or the new person who just joined the crew. You also get time to yourself in landscaping. While you’re blowing leaves or riding on the mower, many folks wear earplugs, while others use that time to listen to music or get caught up on the latest podcasts. There are few other careers where you get to enjoy such a great a balance of social time and “you” time.  
  • Improve and sustain your community. Everyone wants to feel like their job is meaningful and contributes to society. In landscaping you are actually improving your community every day, bettering neighborhoods and businesses in your town, developing and maintaining green spaces, and increasing property values all around you. Not only that, but you’re helping other people to feel better about where they live and work. Not every job makes the world a better place, but when you’re in landscaping, you can wake up in the morning and go to bed at night knowing that you personally are improving and sustaining your community, making it a better place to live for your friends, family, and neighbors.


Are you considering a career in landscaping or do you already have some experience in the field? Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about joining our team and putting yourself on the path to a rewarding career in landscaping.

Have You Considered a Career in Landscaping?

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