how often should i water my grass

You’ve thought it before–we all have: how often should I water my grass? Are the summer months different than the winter months in terms of water needs? What if I live in an area with restricted water resources?

Wonder no more! Today we are going to answer all your questions about how often you should water your lawn–in all seasons and across a variety of situations.

How much water does my lawn need? Between natural rainfall and irrigation, lawns need an estimated inch to an inch-and-a-half of water per week. This number is just an estimate though, and to find out exactly how much water your particular lawn needs, it’s best to consult with lawn care experts. Professional landscapers like those at Heffner Landscaping can determine the precise amount of hydration for your yard, and can help make sure you fully maximize natural rainfall and irrigation for a beautiful lawn.

Pro tip: If you can easily push a six-inch screwdriver into your lawn in any random place, you’re probably doing well on water levels!

How often should I water? Experts agree that it’s generally better to give your lawn a thorough, deep drink two or three times per week rather than watering a little bit every day. By watering less frequently and more deeply, you can avoid your grass developing a shallow root system, and encourage healthy, balanced growth both into the ground and up towards the sky. Irrigation can be built into your lawn care package, and letting the pros tend to your watering not only takes the guesswork out of when to water, but also allows you to focus your energies on enjoying your yard, rather than constantly worrying about irrigation.

Pro tip: If you live in hot, arid areas with scorching summer sunshine, you should most likely water your lawn more than the average recommended amount. Professional landscapers can help you determine how often to water, and can provide a schedule for DIY-ers or can take over watering for those who prefer a more hands-off approach.

When is best to water? Traditional wisdom says never water your lawn during the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest. If you water in the middle of the day, the water will evaporate more quickly, and your lawn won’t get the most out of your irrigation. Morning and evening are better, but morning is best. By watering in the morning, you ensure that your lawn has ample time to completely absorb all the water, and dry thoroughly through the day. Talk to your lawncare professionals at Heffner Landscaping to determine when your yard would most benefit from hydration because no two lawns are identical.

Pro tip: Though it is okay to water in the evening, be careful not to oversaturate your yard late in the day. Water can cling to the blades of grass, and can cause diseases and funguses to grow during the cool, dark nighttime hours. If you notice unhealthy patches of grass, call Heffner right away to troubleshoot and heal your yard.

What if I live in a drought or restricted watering area? The best way to take care of your yard if you live in a drought area is to plan ahead. Professional landscapers can help you prepare for the worst and keep your yard looking its best by recommending appropriate times to seed, consulting on how to select plants and flowers that will require less water, and providing insight on how to optimize the precious little water you can spend on your lawn.

 Pro tip: You can buy a $10 timer from most home supply stores. Ask your local experts at Heffner Landscaping how long to set your timer for to get the most bang for your watering buck.



How Often Should I Water My Grass?

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