Did you know that the average American family can use over 300 gallons of water per day? Though most of this water is utilized indoors to take showers, do laundry, wash dishes, and even flush the commode, about a third of all water usage stays outdoors. Of that water used outdoors, much of it goes to irrigation, keeping grass plush and green, flowers bright and pert, and trees strong and tall.

Ok, with this information in mind for context, did you know that up to half of all water used outdoors for irrigation is lost to evaporation and runoff? Many people don’t realize how much water is wasted outside because of inefficient manual irrigation techniques like oversaturation or just leaving the hose on too long.

Don’t worry, though; we have an easy solution! A professionally installed, efficient irrigation system can take the worry out of watering, save you resources, and quickly pay for itself. Read on to find out just how quickly an irrigation system can pay off.

Save time.

An easy-to-see benefit of an irrigation system is how much time you will save. With technology to the rescue, you can program your irrigation system to drip or sprinkle water only according to the parameters you set. An upfront time investment in calibrating the system pays you hours and hours over the course of a year. The system will water your yard, garden, plants, and trees for you, freeing you up to take care of other yard work–or to just relax!

Save water.

A well installed, efficient irrigation system not only saves you time, but also water. If you live in a drought area, are environmentally conscious, or are just interested in using only what you need, an irrigation system is the way to go to use just the right amount of water. Additionally, you can install water or soil sensors. Water sensors are easy to install and will sense when it has recently rained and adjust the irrigation schedule so as not to overwater. Soil sensors can be more challenging to install, but they more accurately measure the saturation of the soil at the root level, providing the most accurate adjustment to your irrigation system, and ensuring that your plants, trees, and grass get exactly the right amount of water. A landscape professional can take care of irrigation and sensor installation for you to ensure your system is calibrated in the most efficient way possible, so you use just the right amount of water.

Save money.

By saving time and water, you will also be saving money! Your water bill can actually decrease when you install an irrigation system. Since your system will only irrigate your property when your plants and flowers actually need watering, you’ll be using–and losing–less water and less money. It’s really that simple!

As you can see, by installing an efficient irrigation system, you can save not only water, but also time and money. An irrigation system may cost a few dollars up front to install, but once you have it set up properly, it can save you hundreds of dollars in water and costs, not to mention, give you the gift of time as you don’t have to worry about scheduling hours out of your week to water your grass, garden, flowers, and trees.

Learn more about which irrigation system is right for you in this blog post, and let us know how we can help you, your family, or your business with money-saving suggestions, an estimate, installation, sensors, or anything else to keep your grass green and your plants healthy. Contact us today!

How an Irrigation System Pays Off

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