People ask us all the time for some tips or hacks to keep their yard looking amazing, but with the catch of not requiring too much work. Challenge accepted! In response to your questions, we’ve come up with a few hacks anyone can implement that can help your professional landscaping continue to look beautiful and vibrant in between services. Follow these five easy landscaping hacks to keep your yard looking good all year long.


Zone and Plan. Are the kids trampling your flowers? Do aphids seem to especially enjoy your garden more than the neighbors’? Get out in front of potential problems with a well-zoned yard. Consider what parts of the yard get the best sun for light-loving and shade-loving plants, and plan accessible areas for pets, guests, foot traffic, and play. Keep delicate plants safe in protected areas, and create walkways with pavers or stones. Consider what parts of the yard work best for entertaining and relaxing, and implement furniture, walkways, and lighting that aid in the transition from daylight into the evening hours.


Choose low-maintenance perennials. So many people we talk to love beautiful plants and greenery, but want their annual planting to be minimal as possible. Our answer? Low-maintenance perennials. Many plants, shrubs, and flowers bloom year to year with little need for human intervention, and are especially hardy in cold weather and even droughts. Perennials we love to recommend are chrysanthemums, yarrow, peonies, and daylilies, but there are many more. These are especially hearty, and require little attention. Additionally, yarrow are a deer deterrent, so for people who find deer eating their plants, we recommend positioning yarrow in protective areas around more susceptible parts of the yard.


Make watering easier. A well-planned irrigation system can give you back time, save you money, and be a crucial element to a vibrant, flourishing yard. There are many types of irrigation systems possible: in ground, above ground, automatically-timed, the list goes on. Most people use either too much or not enough water on their grass and plants. Heffner Landscaping can recommend and install the most efficient irrigation system for your unique landscaping, and can advise you on the best places to position plants to get the water they need.


Let the pros handle or help. Many of our clients are DIY-ers. They love to get out in the dirt and do a lot of their own garden and lawn work. Many other clients are completely hands off, due to their schedules, obligations, or preference. We love to partner with the families we work with to do as much as we can to get everyone’s yard looking its best. We can do everything from mowing to pruning to mulching to irrigation. We install lighting, walkways, retaining walls, and we can consult and complete almost any kind of landscaping project you can imagine. We put your needs and preferences first, and promise to partner with you to get you going towards the yard of your dreams.


Favorite and follow your favorite landscapers on social media. To stay up-to-date with tips for your yard, to find new ideas for landscaping, and to see what other folks are doing with their gardens, follow your favorite landscapers on social media. It’s amazing the tips we find online, and we do our best to share them with our followers. You can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. There are many additional places online to find great ideas to incorporate into your own landscaping. Inspiration is all around–tap into it!


These are the hacks that we’re proud to share. What tips do you follow to keep your yardwork low-maintenance but your landscaping awesome? Comment, contact us, or tweet us your tips!

Landscaping Hacks to Keep Your Yard Looking Good

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