Planting new trees on your property can be very rewarding. Trees can increase the beauty of your property, and provide shade during hot summer months. Planting a new tree can be slightly daunting though. It’s tricky to know when to plant, and the best way to ensure they’ll grow properly.  

That’s why it can be important to hire a professional landscaping company so that they follow important steps to plant a new tree successfully.

    1. Determining the right time to plant. Fall can be a great time to plant a new tree but a professional will be able to tell you exactly when your yard might be ready to support a new tree . You want to give your new tree time to root and spread out, allowing it to situate and come to be “at home” before the growing season begins. Professionals can plant trees with burlap wrapped roots that can generally be planted at anytime, but they will need extra care to make sure that the roots take properly. 
    2. Digging a hole. Finding a good spot to plant the tree can actually be kind of difficult.  A professional landscaper can identify where all underground pipes and utilities are, and make sure to steer clear of them. Once they have done an evaluation of your yard they can begin to dig. The size of the hole being dug for the tree can be hard to determine as well because it needs to give the tree room to spread out and grow.
    3. Preparing the tree. If the tree has a container such as a bucket or wiring, it can be hard to remove the tree without damaging the roots.  Landscapers have equipment to help carefully remove the containers so that the roots are exposed and the tree can be planted with out being damaged.
    4. Placing your tree. The placement of the tree can be one of the hardest parts of planting a tree.  It can be difficult to get the tree to stay upright and supported that is why it is best to use a professional landscaper.  They will also be able to determine which part is the nicest part of the tree to make sure that it is facing the direction you prefer–like the road or the inside of your garden seating area. During this stage especially, it helps to have professional landscapers be there to ensure the tree looks straight from all angles. Your tree may look straight from one perspective, but without looking at it from various positions, you may notice it’s not actually straight.
    5. Fill, mulch, and support. For this step, as well, a pro will make things a lot easier. Keeping the tree level, backfill the dirt in around it. Professionals will know how to pack the dirt perfectly for the tree.  They won’t pack it so tightly that it smothers future growth, but they will make sure the soil is firm enough to keep the tree stable and straight. Mulch can protect your new growth, and a landscaper will know which is best for your yard. They will also be able to stake your tree as needed to provide additional support.
    6. Water, nurture, and watch your tree grow! Your tree will need to be watered about once a week, but more if it’s hot, arid, and windy. If it rains once or more during the week, you can forego watering. Keep the soil moist, but avoid overwatering. Trees can be high maintenance their first year of growth so having a professional landscaper care for it and make sure it’s watered and maintained correctly can help it’s chances of survival.


If you have any questions or tips that work for you that may help new tree planters, comment below, or send us a message to find out how we can help you plant beautiful new trees in your own yard!

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Landscaper to Plant a Tree

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