At Heffner Landscaping, not only are we proud of the quality of professional landscaping and lawncare service we provide, we’re equally as proud of our customer service. Every person on our team is there to make sure you, our valued customer, have a positive experience and get the yard and garden of your dreams without any fuss or hassle.

One of the ways we make sure you get the best quality care is by guaranteeing each customer has their own dedicated Account Manager. Whether you’re a large business on a corporate account or one person who needs help maintaining your yard, garden, or irrigation system, you’ll be treated with respect and consideration, as if you were our best and only customer.

Dedicated Account Managers mean we can deliver a level of service to you that most other landscaping companies can’t. Here are just a few benefits of being having your very own dedicated Heffner Landscaping Account Manager:

  1. Expert-level communication. If you ever need anything at all, isn’t it great to know you can call or email someone with name you know and immediately talk to them transparently and honestly about your needs? At Heffner Landscaping, we’ll make sure you have the name of your very own person along with all their contact information, so you can call them any time to arrange a consultation, reschedule a service, or find out more about something you’re interested in. Communication works both ways, too. If our crew has a recommendation or if anything changes that would affect you as our customer, having a dedicated Account Manager means you’re the first to know about the issues that affect you.
  1. A trusted partner. Who has time to worry about their landscaping? When you have a trusted partner, worry will be the last thing on your mind. As you build trust and regularly communicate with your Account Manager, you’ll find that you’re both building an ongoing relationship for the mutual goal of making sure your needs are met. You won’t talk to different people every time you call. Ours is a small, local company; not a giant call center where you never get to speak to the same person. With Heffner, you’ll build a rapport with all our crew, knowing your Account Manager is your first building block in a long-term partnership where your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.
  1. Customer service that is second to none. Because we’re a small, locally owned and operated company, Heffner Landscaping is able to customize and individualize all our services to what is best for each customer. We don’t just offer out-of-the-box services, but rather we get to know you and your green spaces, and provide a level of customer care that is second to none. Having an Account Manager means you’re not just a file to us; rather you’re a person with a unique yard, and unique aspirations. We respect you and partner with you to realize and accomplish all your landscaping goals. Having a person dedicated to you, your garden, and your goals means you don’t get lost in the shuffle. Since your success is our success, we go out of our way to provide the highest quality customer service in addition to the best lawn care service that you will find.


Talk us us today to get started with your own personal Account Manager and you’ll see why our customers stick with us for the long haul.

The Benefits of Having Your Own Dedicated Landscaping Account Manager

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