Outdoor commercial landscaping can be the deciding factor for new customers as they approach your building, and can encourage–or discourage–existing clientele from returning. If not carefully cultivated and tended to, your business’s landscaping can actually deter people from trusting you and your brand. On the other hand, a nicely landscaped yard with rolling green grass and well-placed bright colors and lighting can lend credibility to your business, as well as provide a warm welcome and a positive association with your brand.


Make sure potential customers have an amazing first impression of your business’s atmosphere by incorporating the four “W”s of commercial landscaping:


Welcoming experience. A welcoming experience is at the crux of any commercial landscaping endeavor. A professional landscaping company can consult with you and your operations team on how to open up entrances, strategically place bright colored plants and flowers, and ensure that grass is green and well-kept. If a client or customer feels welcome before they even enter your building, you’ll have much less work to do once they’re finally inside!


Well-lit outdoor areas. Good lighting is part of a welcoming experience, but also stands alone as a must-have on your commercial landscaping checklist. If your customers (and employees) don’t feel safe at your business, how likely are they to spend money there or ever return? Keep everyone feeling safe and bright with good lighting. You can get creative with some trendier fixtures, or you can keep it simple and traditional, but either way, safe lighting is a must for your employees and customers alike.


Walkways and window views. Pan out from your property and think about what your business’s exterior looks like as you approach it on foot, via automobile, or as you view it out of the windows from inside. From all perspectives, your property should look polished and meticulously cared for. A professional lawn care company can help you take a step back and see your commercial property through fresh eyes, as well as point out places where you have room to improve the view.
Well-placed plants, trees, and colors. Never under-estimate the power of well-placed plants–especially those that have a pop of color! Is the trash dumpster visible from the lobby windows? Perhaps there’s a certain smell that wafts to your parking lot from the greasy diner down the road. Professional landscapers can help you strategically plan the layout of your plants, shrubs, and flowers to cover eyesores like that overflowing dumpster and camouflage unpleasant odors. Be sure to point out problem areas during your landscaping

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The Four W’s of Commercial Landscaping

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