DIY projects, or do-it-yourself projects, are all the rage right now. Look on Pinterest or Instagram, and you’ll see thousands of pictures of people who decided to complete an intricate craft project, build their own shelving or entertainment center, or take on an outdoor endeavor that seems downright intimidating or overwhelming to the average bear. Some of these DIY projects turn out great; others are definitely DIY fails.

It can’t be disputed that some projects are are ideal to DIY, but it cannot be disputed that certain projects are much better if left to the professionals like Heffner Landscaping. While you might be ready to take on a small home improvement project or make a wreath from scraps of material, unless you’re a licensed contractor or builder, please do not try to do any major home or outdoor construction, like add onto your house or build your own hardscape or patio.

There are so many factors to consider when planning and building an outdoor hardscape, and so much that can go wrong. Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t risk doing it yourself on your patio, stone fireplace, or other major outdoor hardscape project:

  1. Safety first. Before we can talk about anything else, we have to first start with the concept of safety. For a major outdoor project, you’ll most likely need to operate heavy machinery and move large slabs of stone, rocks, bricks, or wood. When you take on a project this major, it’s important to have proper training, the right equipment, and hold current licensure to operate the machinery necessary to complete the job. If you don’t have the proper training, equipment, and licensing, your project is doomed to fail from the start. Rather than risk wrecking your backyard, dropping and breaking expensive stone, and angering your spouse or neighbors, it’s best to leave major hardscaping projects up to the professionals.
  2. Experience is key. Most DIY-ers are novices at the projects they undertake. Though certain projects certainly don’t mandate years of experience and training, when it comes to installing hardscapes, laying stone, tile, or brick, and planning large-scale outdoor projects, experience is truly beneficial to have under your belt. With proper education and years of experience, large projects get easier, and planning and execution become more intuitive. If you’ve faced obstacles before, like running out of supplies towards the end of a project, you’ll be better equipped to pre-empt and prevent the same mistake again, avoiding spending more time and money on supplies and equipment late in the game. No one is an expert the first time they plan and build a brick wall or sketch out and lay a stone patio. Rather than take a chance on a lopsided or less-than-your-best project that will embarrass you and decrease the value of your property, go ahead and hire the professionals to plan, build, and maintain a beautiful, enviable outdoor hardscape.
  3. Maintenance and upkeep matter. A well-planned, well-built patio probably won’t require too much professional maintenance to keep up with. But over time with natural wear-and-tear, you may be in need of maintenance. A professional will always guarantee their work, and for the sake of their own reputation, be there to help with any needed upkeep. In the unlikely event that a rock should crack or a brick would crumble, professionally installed hardscapes are typically under a warranty or a guarantee; whereas if you built it yourself, you’re up the creek and stuck with the cost of (finally) hiring a professional to fix the mistake you should have hired them to avoid in the first place!

Avoid these easy pitfalls and start with a professional consultation to build the outdoor hardscape of your dreams. Patio, fireplace, or water fixture–how can we make your dream a reality? Contact us today to get you the outside patio you always wanted!



Why Not to DIY Patios and Hardscapes

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